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Gospel centered. Spirit led. Mission focused.

February 6 & 7, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia
Westside Church



Each year at the Multiply Conference, we gather leaders to be inspired, equipped, and encouraged under the teaching of practitioners who are being used by God to bring renewal and missional reproduction to their churches. We look forward to what God is going to do among us during these days together and to the fruit that will follow in local churches as a result.

Gospel centered

Every generation is subject to spiritual and theological “drift.” Christ-centered lives and ministries are non-negotiable as we pray into national awakening. Methods and models will change with the times and the culture, but the Gospel of Jesus remains the unshifting message of hope for every generation.

Spirit led

“Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain.” Without the Holy Spirit’s empowering and enabling, all our human efforts will be for naught and so we cry out for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to move locally, nationally, and globally.

Mission focused

Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not stand against the advance of His Kingdom. We confidently step into the victory of Jesus’ finished work, declaring Him as King, calling lost people to salvation, and those “found” to lives of radical discipleship and service. Jesus' mission is our mission!

Come expectantly! Come prayerfully!


Main Stage Speakers


Breakout Session Speakers

Worship Leader

Marc Willerton

Worship Director, Westside Church

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Breakout Topics

At the time of registration, you will need to choose one of the following eight Breakout Topics, each containing three sessions.

Click on the Breakout Topics below for more details.

# 1    Am I a Church Planter?

A Church Planting Base Camp

Like climbing a mountain peak, church planting requires much preparation and skill. The vistas from the peak are not reached without strict training, Spirit-dependency, and much prayer. Many hazards line the path up the mountain.

As you consider the call God may be placing on your life – and specifically the potential of planting a church – wisdom would advise that you gain insight from those who have gone before.

In this breakout topic, you will hear from church planters and church planting coaches about the call, the preparation, the partnerships and the power that is needed before you attempt to climb the hill called “church planting.”

  • Session #1: The Great Need and Great Opportunity, The Compelling Force of the Gospel (Alastair Sterne & Jake LeFave)
    The proper motivation for planting a church is anchored in a thoroughly biblical understanding of the power of the Gospel and a compelling grasp of the missional need. Attempts to build a church on any other foundation can result in great disillusionment and pain. Canada is indeed a mission field, and the Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation!

  • Session #2: Discerning and Answering the Call — the Path — the Partnerships (Chris Synesael & Blair Allen)
    What are the characteristics and qualities of a “successful” church planter? What are the questions a potential church planter should be asking? What partnerships and preparations are necessary? These questions and more will form the basis for this session.

  • Session #3: Preparation and Power — Total Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit (Dr. Bill Hogg & Norm Funk)
    Our final session will offer a chance for Q & A with our presenters, as well as a challenge and a commissioning to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 127 reminds us that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain,” and this session will call us back to full dependence upon the Spirit.

Presenters: Alastair Sterne, Jake LeFave, Chris Synesael, Blair Allen, Dr. Bill Hogg, Norm Funk

# 2    Collaborative Movements for City Impact

Tim Keller has said, “No single congregation, no matter how large, will be able to effectively reach a city.” Increasingly, leaders are embracing the vision of collaborative relationships to see neighborhood, city, and national transformation. In this breakout you’ll meet with leaders of significant city-reaching, and global-transformative ministries and learn how they are addressing the challenges of working in under-resourced neighborhoods and regions, building faith and work strategies, and how collaborative partnerships are helping transform our cities.

  • Session #1: City Movements (Mark Reynolds)
    Mark Reynolds serves as Vice President for Leadership Development with the City to City network in NYC. Mark has served for many years as an advisor to the C2C network (now Multiply) and brings a rich background in overseas missions, as well as urban church planter training. In NYC there is a growing collaborative movement to see the city transformed through faith and work initiatives, mercy & justice ministries and catalytic church-planting movements. In this session, you will be inspired with stories of incremental yet steady transformation that God is producing through the efforts of churches willing to unite for city transformation.

  • Session #2: City Movements (Oye Waddell)
    Oye Waddell leads Hustle Phoenix, a non-profit, faith-based organization that encourages the creation of sustainable business ventures, and serves under-resourced neighborhoods in Phoenix. Their website states:
    “Some of the best natural entrepreneurs in the United States are in underserved urban communities. They are called hustlers – visionary risk-takers who seize the opportunity to move product and turn a profit. They have the God-given skills, attributes, and talents of an entrepreneur, but they lack key resources needed to create sustainable businesses that benefit the broader community. At Hustle PHX, we want to let the hustlers hustle – for the common good.”

    In this session, you will hear the vision God has given for the emergence of a church-planting strategy that is growing out of the fruitful business ventures and personal transformation of leaders.

  • Session #3: City Movements (Dennae Pierre)
    Dennae Pierre serves as the Executive Director for the Surge Network in Phoenix, Arizona. She and her husband Vermon planted Roosevelt Community Church. The Surge Network is a vibrant movement of local churches that have come together to cultivate a city-wide network that equips and trains the church to be a faithful witness to Jesus in their cities. If you have a desire to see churches in your city collaborate for kingdom impact, this session will inspire with what God had done in one US city.

Presenters: Mark Reynolds, Oye Waddell, Dennae Pierre

# 3    Evangelism in This Cultural Moment

Speaking to the Secular Mind

Every generation is called upon to exegete the cultural moment and context it ministers in. The men of Issachar were commended for “understanding their times.” In an increasingly secularized culture, and with the loss of “Christian memory” leaders must learn to engage the culture in new and fresh ways. In this session, you will hear from practitioners and missiologists who are finding a path through the minefields of 21st century cultural challenges.

  • Session #1: Life.Shared (Stephen Mulder)
    In a cultural movement that is post-Christian, post-modern, and post-social, how can we most thoughtfully and faithfully share the life- transforming message of the Gospel? Explore how the church can bring people into relationship with Jesus through the community of the church. Alpha Canada

  • Session #2: Growing Your Church FROM the Harvest (Dr. James Emery White)
    The book of Chronicles speaks of the men of Issachar who were commended because they “understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” The church needs to rise to this challenge as well, becoming students of culture in an increasingly secularized world where the younger generations today increasingly have no knowledge of the Christian faith. In this session, you'll learn about the most pressing cultural changes the church is facing today and how the church needs to respond in light of those changes.

  • Session #3: Growing Your Church or Ministry Using Apologetics (Mark Clark)
    Village Church has grown by leaps and bounds directly connected to its intentional use of apologetics both in formal series and week-in-and-week-out preaching and ministry. In this session, Mark will explore how to do that in our post-christian culture.

Presenters: Stephen Mulder, Dr. James Emery White, Mark Clark

# 4    Leadership Development From and For the Harvest

Where are the next generation of leaders going to come from? We’ve all heard that question. The answer is: “They are sitting in your pews today, they just need to be developed” This issue may be the most pressing issue for the church today as a whole generation of leaders prepare for retirement and there are few replacements on the horizon. How can your church become a discipleship and leadership development center? In this Breakout Topic, you will hear from practitioners who are raising leaders for the harvest.

  • Session #1: Leadership Development for the Harvest (Dr. James Emery White)
    Too often, churches fail to realize that the next generation of leaders who will be engaging in ministry through your church should come from those within the church. These are the people who understand, better than anyone, your church's unique DNA — your mission, your vision and your values. Hiring from within and developing future leaders is a large part of what has led to the growth of Mecklenburg Community Church — a church with more than 10,000 active attenders and with 70% of its growth coming from the unchurched. This session led by James Emery White will provide insights into creating a solid Leadership Development Program and on best hiring practices within the church.

  • Session #2: Dan MacDonald
    Dan is the lead pastor at Grace Toronto in downtown Toronto. Grace Toronto is part of the Grace Network, and carries a vision to plant gospel-centred churches across Canada. Under Dan’s leadership, Grace has raised up and sent out several church planting couples who have established self-sustaining churches of their own. In this session, you will hear Grace’s vision and developmental path for equipping and sending leaders for the harvest.

  • Session #3: Donavan Friesen
    Jesus is the head of the Church, and He is the one who has given gifts to the Church for the purpose of equipping the saints to do the work of ministry and to build up the Church, His body. For a long time, we have handed the full responsibility over to others and have neglected the "equipping" within the local church. In this session, we are going to look at how to simply equip the saints, helping them to bear the fruit of character AND the fruit of ministry. After all, this is our responsibility and our call from Jesus. In the same way that we have been called, Jesus has a plan to call many from our congregations to pastor — let's make sure they are mature.
    Donavan is the Lead Pastor of a recent church re-birth at Anchor Point Church in Winnipeg, MB. His church is filled with those that are hungry — regardless of what stage they are at in their journey of faith. Jesus has a simple plan; let's follow His lead!

Presenters: Dr. James Emery White, Dan MacDonald, Donavan Friesen

# 5    Leading Your Church Towards Intentional Disciple Making

From Attractional To Missional

The Austin Stone was planted in December of 2002, but as a rapidly growing church, had a crisis of conscience in 2006. We were “successful” because we had attracted numbers, but many of the disciples who were gathering weren't living on mission in their everyday lives. Beginning then, and continuing to today, we have been on a journey of leading our church to gather for the worship of Jesus AND live in intentional, missional communities to show and share the love of Jesus throughout the city of Austin. These sessions will outline the culture, strategy, and metrics along the way that have been developed and proven helpful.

  • Session #1: Understanding a Culture of Disciple Making

  • Session #2: Creating a Strategy for Group Formation and Direction

  • Session #3: Assessing Your Effectiveness in Leading Change

Presenter: Todd Engstrom

# 6    Church In Hard Places

In the world’s poorest communities life is just hard. Life expectancy is low, crime is high, drug and alcohol addiction is extensive. Mental health issues, abuse, and neglect are widespread. The Church in Hard Places sessions are designed to train and equip the church to evangelize, disciple, and build healthy churches among the poor. We don’t have all the answers, and every community is different, but we do want to point people to the power of the gospel, the sufficiency of the word of God, and the primacy of the local church in reaching into poor communities.

  • Session #1: Understanding Poverty
    If we are going to reach our poorest communities we need to do a better job at understanding them. How can we ensure we are helping without hurting? What is poverty? What does the bible teach us about poverty? What is a biblical response to poverty?

  • Session #2: Evangelism in Hard Places
    We need to ensure that we are clearly communicating the gospel in our poorest communities. You can serve a meal and provide shelter to the homeless as often as you like but until we speak the words of the gospel we are not truly offering lasting hope. How can we best engage the poor with the gospel? What does it look like to build healthy churches in our poorest communities?

  • Session #3: Understanding Addictions
    Most of our poorest communities are devastated by addictions. If you want to engage people who live in poverty you must have a firm understanding of what addiction is as well as a plan for how to disciple someone who is struggling with addiction.

Presenters: Matthew Spandler-Davison, Mez McConnell

# 7    The Multi-Faceted Faces of Multi-Site Ministry

Multi-site, satellite, campuses, video venues, teaching teams, re-plants, and networks of stand-alone churches are just some of the many “faces” of the multi-site church world. If you are considering moving toward a multi-site model of ministry, this session will inspire and equip. Seasoned leaders will share some of the latest trends as well as their key learnings from their particular model.

  • Session #1: The Many Models of Multi-site (Brett Landry, Jeff Bucknam, Brent Ingersoll & Ezra Okoti)
    In this session, you will hear from three practitioners in multi-site churches, each with a unique ministry model or focus. You will have a chance to grapple with the strengths as well as challenges of each model.

  • Session #2: Is Video Venue Here to Stay? Will it Work for You? (Mark Clark)
    Mark Clark & team members from Village Church will share the key opportunities and challenges of video venue multi-site. If you are considering using video technology to expand your ministry reach, this session will inform and inspire.

  • Session #3: What Makes a Great Campus Pastor? (John Broadhead, Cliff Ursel, Jeff Bucknam & Ezra Okoti
    In this session, you will meet with senior pastors and campus pastors who will share their learnings about the unique role of campus leadership, the gifting needed, the challenges and the freedoms that come with this ministry role.

Presenters: John Broadhead, Cliff Ursel, Brett Landry, Jeff Bucknam, Brent Ingersoll, Mark Clark

# 8    Disciple Making Movements

Disciple Making Movements are occurring all over the world and an unprecedented rate. In places where persecution in common place, regular and often untrained believers are forced to exercise their faith by interpreting the gospels literally and ministering in simple but powerful ways. That raises the question; Can we intentionally choose to do discipleship and church planting in the same way right here in North America? The Disciple Making Movements workshops will respond to this question by highlighting some principles and tools being used around the world and suggesting how we might apply them here.

  • Session #1: Disciple Making Movements (DMM) Overview and Testimonies
    We will explore the basic principles of DMM and share stories of how this is working in a Canadian First Nations context.

  • Session #2: Finding “People of Peace” and “Obedience Based Discipleship”
    Teaching on two of the most important concepts for making the shift from reaching individuals to catalyzing movements.

  • Session #3: Discovery Bible Studies
    A simple tool for planting house churches that enhances the possibility of multiplication.

Presenter: Derek Parenteau

# 9    Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry

Most statistics you read will tell you that somewhere around 80% of youth leave the church after high school. Why is that? How do we fight against that in our Youth ministries? How do we help our youth come to a clear understanding of who Jesus is and what He’s done for them? In these breakouts, we’ll look at developing a gospel-centered youth ministry philosophy and learn how to pragmatically walk in that vision. If you’re a pastor/leader serving in Youth ministry or a Lead pastor/planter considering launching a Youth ministry in the coming years, join us to learn ways to serve your Youth in in a grace-driven, Jesus-glorifying way.

  • Session #1: Developing a Gospel-Centred Youth Ministry Philosophy (Joseph Peterson)
    One of the most important foundations for any Youth Ministry is a biblical understanding of a gospel-centred Youth ministry philosophy. We need to understand the why’s and how’s of youth Ministry before we can move on to the what’s of Youth Ministry– because discipling our Youth is more than pizza and purity rings. We must help our youth understand their place in the Kingdom of God and what it means to be followers of Jesus in their cultural moment. In this breakout, we’ll spend time looking at how to develop a gospel-centred Youth Ministry philosophy and how to let that philosophy frame how your organize your ministry.

  • Session #2: Kingdom, Spirit, and Youth (Joseph Peterson)
    How do we help our Youth learn to become the sort of people God uses to see heaven come to Earth? What is the Holy Spirit’s role in Youth Ministry? What does it look like for us to operate in the Kingdom ministry Jesus was on about while he was on Earth in each of our youth groups? In this breakout, we’ll look at learning how to see what the Father is doing in the lives of those around us, and like Jesus, respond in Spirit-empowered ministry to see “His Kingdom come and will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.”

  • Session #3: Testimony and Q+A (Joseph Peterson & Matt Crocker)
    In this breakout, we’ll hear from Matt Crocker, Director of Youth Ministry at Christ City Vancouver, about his recent transition into Youth Ministry. This is a great breakout for those who are about to transition into Youth Minsitry, currently transitioning, or will at some point in the future. We’ll also have a time of Q+A will Joseph and Matt.

Presenter: Joseph Peterson, Matt Crocker





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Multiply delivers. The passion is contagious. The content is transformational. The speakers are anointed. Any leader with a heartbeat for Kingdom multiplication will feel the heat of this focused value long after the conference has ended.
— Rev. P. T. Moore, Atlantic Wesleyan, District Superintendent
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This conference continues to bring points of impact for my team that solidify why we do what we do. The Multiply Conference champions gospel culture through the content from an array of speakers who bring into focus a diversity of methods for presenting the truth of Jesus without compromise. I am thankful for the vision that C2C Network has put into action by consistently blessing the church with content rich sessions, authentic worship and the opportunity to connect with leaders who are on mission to see Jesus glorified.
— Krista Penner, Leadership Development, Fellowship Pacific
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Our North Langley team has been encouraged by the Gospel-centered and Spirit empowered training at the Multiply Conference. At the end of the conference two years ago, I had a powerful experience of joy in Christ through the prayer ministry at Multiply. The vision I received of Jesus’ heart and love for the city of Langley has continued to shape my heart and fill me with a love for my own city!
— Matthew Price, Lead Pastor, North Langley Community Church

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