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Gospel centered. Spirit led. Mission focused.

May 14 & 15, 2019
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University

Pre-Conference on May 13, 2019



Each year at the Multiply Conference, we gather leaders to be inspired, equipped, and encouraged under the teaching of practitioners who are being used by God to bring renewal and missional reproduction to their churches. We look forward to what God is going to do among us during these days together and to the fruit that will follow in local churches as a result.

Gospel centered

Every generation is subject to spiritual and theological “drift.” Christ-centered lives and ministries are non-negotiable as we pray into national awakening. Methods and models will change with the times and the culture, but the Gospel of Jesus remains the unshifting message of hope for every generation.

Spirit led

“Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain.” Without the Holy Spirit’s empowering and enabling, all our human efforts will be for naught and so we cry out for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to move locally, nationally, and globally.

Mission focused

Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not stand against the advance of His Kingdom. We confidently step into the victory of Jesus’ finished work, declaring Him as King, calling lost people to salvation, and those “found” to lives of radical discipleship and service. Jesus' mission is our mission!

Come expectantly! Come prayerfully!




Breakout Topics

At the time of registration, you will need to choose one of the following seven Breakout Topics, each containing three sessions.

Click on the Breakout Topics below for more details.

# 1    Am I a Church Planter?

A Church Planting Base Camp

Like climbing a mountain peak, church planting requires much preparation and skill. The vistas from the peak are not reached without strict training, Spirit-dependency, and much prayer. Many hazards line the path up the mountain.

As you consider the call God may be placing on your life – and specifically the potential of planting a church – wisdom would advise that you gain insight from those who have gone before.

In this track you will hear from church planters and church planting coaches about the call, the preparation, the partnerships and the power that is needed before you attempt to climb the hill called “church planting.”

  • Session #1: The Great Need and Great Opportunity, The Compelling Force of the Gospel
    The proper motivation for planting a church is anchored in a thoroughly biblical understanding of the power of the Gospel and a compelling grasp of the missional need. Attempts to build a church on any other foundation can result in great disillusionment and pain. Canada is indeed a mission field, and the Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation!

  • Session #2: Discerning and Answering the Call — the Path — the Partnerships
    What are the characteristics and qualities of a “successful” church planter? What are the questions a potential church planter should be asking? What partnerships and preparations are necessary? These questions and more will form the basis for this session.

  • Session #3: Preparation and Power — Total Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit
    Our final session will offer a chance for Q & A with our presenters, as well as a challenge and a commissioning to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 127 reminds us that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain,” and this session will call us back to full dependence upon the Spirit.

# 2    Becoming a Church Planting Church

Recent studies indicate that 90% of North American Churches will never daughter a church. If we are to see the re-evangelization of Canada, we need an army of established churches to engage the vision, and embrace the challenges of “giving birth.” In this breakout track you will learn from practitioners who are leading church-planting-churches. They will share key learnings, obstacles to overcome, and the joy of sending leaders to start new congregations.

Each breakout topic includes three sessions
Session details to follow

Presenters: Scott Thomas, Dan MacDonald, Ed Stetzer

# 3    Leading Your Church towards Intentional Disciple Making

From Attractional To Missional

The Austin Stone was planted in December of 2002, but as a rapidly growing church, had a crisis of conscience in 2006. We were “successful” because we had attracted numbers, but many of the disciples who were gathering weren't living on mission in their everyday lives. Beginning then, and continuing to today, we have been on a journey of leading our church to gather for the worship of Jesus AND live in intentional, missional communities to show and share the love of Jesus throughout the city of Austin. These sessions will outline the culture, strategy, and metrics along the way that have been developed and proven helpful.

  • Session #1: Understanding a Culture of Disciple Making

  • Session #2: Creating a Strategy for Group Formation and Direction

  • Session #3: Assessing Your Effectiveness in Leading Change

Presenter: Todd Engstrom

# 4    The Multi-Faceted Faces of Multi-Site Ministry

Multi-site, satellite, campuses, video venues, teaching teams, re-plants, and networks of stand-alone churches are just some of the many “faces” of the multi-site church world. If you are considering moving toward a multi-site model of ministry, this breakout track will inspire and equip. Seasoned leaders will share some of the latest trends as well as their key learnings from their particular model.

Presenters: Ed Stetzer, Jeff Bucknam, Norm Funk, Mark Clark, Brent Ingersoll

# 5    Life.Shared – Re-Shaping Evangelism for Today (Alpha Canada)

In a cultural movement that is post-Christian, postmodern, and post-social. How can we most thoughtfully and faithfully share the life transforming message of the Gospel? Explore how the church can bring people into relationship with Jesus through the community of the church.

  • Session #1: Understanding our Cultural Moment
    As we contend for faith in Jesus in our current cultural moment, it may be easy to conclude that we are in a moment of crisis. What if this moment is not a moment of crisis, but one of opportunity? What if it is this very moment, that God wants to renew the church in the West? This session will layout a map for understanding our cultural moment and reframe it from crisis to opportunity.

  • Session #2: Creating A Culture of Evangelism
    Creating a culture of Evangelism is essential in engaging faithfully as the people of God. How can we turn up the evangelism temperature in our churches and church plants? How can we cultivate gospel ecosystems where the people of God are equipped and released to share their stories and participate in advancing God's kingdom in our cities. This session will unpack the key elements of creating a culture of evangelism.

  • Session #3: Become a People of Presence
    The story of scripture is; God presence with His people and expanding His presence in the world. The book of Acts kicks of with resurrected Jesus commissioning his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Father to send them the gift of the Holy Spirit before they are sent out to be his witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea and to the ends the earth. The same commission is given to every subsequent generation; to take the glorious life transforming gospel to the nations through the empowerment of the Spirit. This session will look like what it means to develop a culture of encounter in your church.

Presenters: Stephen Mulder, Shaila Visser

# 6    Kingdom, Disciple, Society & Church

Reframing the Metrics for Kingdom Impact

The Kingdom of God is the reign of God. It is Jesus Christ, the Lord over all things, in action. Wherever the will of God is being done, that’s where the Kingdom is being manifested. In a very real sense, Jesus is the Kingdom in person. Focusing on the Kingdom moves us from conversion to transformation, and from segmentation to integration. This is the framework and the focus for everything we do.

  • Session #1: Disciple
    Helping people hear and obey God is the goal. A disciple is not just a church member or someone who knows a lot about theology. It is someone who is an obedient follower of Jesus led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Session #2: Society
    Under the Kingdom framework, society is the grid in which we operate. The Kingdom framework moves the church from attractional (“come to our church”) to engagement with people. Every person in your church is on mission where God has placed them in society.

  • Session #3: Church
    The Kingdom framework moves us from individualism to family, and from tribal faith to global Church. We build the church not as a result of a building but a called-out people who submit to the rule and reign of God.

Presenters: Dr. Bob Roberts, Kevin Cox

# 7    Transformational Leadership - Tuning the Leader's Heart to the Gospel

Many have said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” But in Jesus’ up-side-down kingdom, what kind of leader does it take to grow a sustaining ministry, disciple deeply, plant churches and/or start movements. In this series of workshops, we will press into the deep work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the leader, a rich understanding of grace, and the call on every Christian leader to “come and die.”

Each breakout topic includes three sessions
Session details to follow

Presenter: Terry Virgo

# 8    Gospel Infused Worship

No one would argue with the premise that gospel-centred churches must be driven along by gospel-centred proclamation, however, far too many leaders over-look the necessity and the power of gospel-centred liturgy that lifts-up, exalts, and magnifies the gospel message in every aspect of the gathering of God’s people. Far more than being the “warm-up” for the “real meal” of preaching, a gospel infused liturgy declares the glories of the gospel in word and in song. Great “worship” is far more than great music. Oh how we need to encounter the living God every time we gather as His people under the banner of the cross!

  • Session #1: Too Busy to be at His Feet
    Eugene Peterson says, "The word busy is the symptom not of commitment but of betrayal. It is not devotion but defection.” Jesus said to Martha, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious about many things, but one thing is necessary.” A question we should be asking of our ministry is, “Has the busyness of ministry taken me away from “one thing” Jesus was taking about?

  • Session #2: Are we in Danger of Proclaiming Another Gospel?
    Is it possible that we’ve lost sight of what our Sunday gathering is all about? Could we be "worshiping worship” instead of the Triune God?

  • Session #3: The Real Gospel in Your Gatherings
    God is the gospel. If this is true then our Sunday gatherings must be centered on God. Worship begins and ends with God.

Presenter: Pat Sczebel



Monday, May 13

Pre-Conference Evening Session   (Details)

7 PM "Undivided: Racial Reconciliation"
Ed Stetzer, Dhati Lewis & Bob Roberts

Tuesday, May 14

Main Conference

9 AM - 12:30 PM Main Stage
12:30 PM - 2 PM Lunch
2 PM - 4 PM Breakout Sessions #1 & 2
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Main Stage
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM - 9 PM Main Stage

Wednesday, May 15

Main Conference

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Main Stage
11 AM - 12 PM Breakout Session #3
12 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Main Stage
4:30 PM Conference Ends


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Multiply delivers. The passion is contagious. The content is transformational. The speakers are anointed. Any leader with a heartbeat for Kingdom multiplication will feel the heat of this focused value long after the conference has ended.
— Rev. P. T. Moore, Atlantic Wesleyan, District Superintendent
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This conference continues to bring points of impact for my team that solidify why we do what we do. The Multiply Conference champions gospel culture through the content from an array of speakers who bring into focus a diversity of methods for presenting the truth of Jesus without compromise. I am thankful for the vision that C2C Network has put into action by consistently blessing the church with content rich sessions, authentic worship and the opportunity to connect with leaders who are on mission to see Jesus glorified.
— Krista Penner, Leadership Development, Fellowship Pacific
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I loved attending the Multiply Conference in 2017. I went looking for the tips and tricks to plant churches, but I came a way with a greater passion for Jesus and a call to be the kind of leader that He can use to plant more churches.
— AJ Plaizier, Pastor, Yarmouth Wesleyan Church

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